Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Is James Thomas

Hey folks,

Glad to see you took some time and found my home away from home. Well My name is James and I am from washington, DC. Born and raised in the area, brought up in a big family, I have been so blessed to have friends and family to show me the way in life. From growing up with my grandmother, I developed a passion for cooking. After high school, I attended Culinary school, and My life as Chef began. Working for companies such as Hyatt, Hilton, and Aramark I have been around and learned alot.

Along the way I was givin three blessing by God...Kalani, James III, and Jayden.. So yes the Fatherhood began. I'm loving being a DAD. Its great to have your kids look up to you and you can pass on what was taught to you one day.

Winning...Big Topic

Now, I've been culinary trained so i have been working in kitchens for 11 years. Later nights, always eat good though!!! But free time is takin up and home life isn't all that great. Cooking is my passion in life and it represents my art..

I've been blessed to also be apart of some amazing opportunities to build long term income. Open mindes go along way in the current economy and i have choosen to take matters into my own hands to build wealth!! I am Currently a Student and a business owner!!

Feel free to browse my sites.....See what i do

James Thomas